JF Auctions recently conducted an auction to help us dispose of the fixtures, furnishing and equipment at a restaurant which had closed in one of our mixed use shopping center projects in
Boca Raton.

Joe and Gina Stellino from JF Auctions were very professional, took care of everything which
needed to be done to accomplish our goal of completely emptying out the space, and ultimately
provided us with a great turnkey solution for our needs.

I was quite impressed by their ability to get the restaurant and equipment cleaned up and ready for sale, generate a good turnout of potential buyers through their marketing efforts, expediently conduct the auction, and ensure that
everything which was sold was removed in a timely manner.

I believe that their reputation and rapport with various buyers who attended the auction certainly contributed to their success in getting the property sold. Without a doubt they performed for us as advertised.

Joe and Gina are reliable, hard working, showed good judgment, and answered any of our
questions and/or phone calls in a timely manner. It is for these reasons that I offer this
recommendation for JF Auctions without reservation. I believe their drive and abilities, along
with having a good reputation, will truly be an asset to any project that they undertake.

Henry Dirksen III
Project Manager
Yamato Court LLC